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Therapy Services



Adults. I provide individual therapy for adults confronting a wide range of life stressors. The process of our work together is driven by your specific goals and needs with a focus on finding patterns of behavior, teaching skills to try something different, and gradually bringing about ongoing change. My style is warm, direct, compassionate, and collaborative. 


Adolescents. I’ve worked with 13 to 17 year olds in a variety of capacities – as a teacher, coach, group leader, and, of course, individual therapist. We usually connect with humor and without judgment. Typical issues relate to anxiety, body image, depression, family, friends, relationships, school pressure, and self-esteem. I also specialize in both the assessment and treatment of substance abuse and addiction.

Family and Couples


Family. To help change the dynamics of your family system, I start from the premise that your family is like a machine with each member of the family affecting the others and their individual functioning. When we work on these interconnected elements, we can help the machine as a whole function more smoothly.


Couples. I work with couples who are having difficulty communicating with one another at all stages of relationship. Some common issues include decreased intimacy or trust, and drifting apart due to the rigors of busy lives including work, children, and financial concerns. I can help you re-launch your relationship to move past the frustration, worry, and isolation of the moment to become partners once again.




Parenting by the Book. Sponsored by the New Canaan Library, this group meets quarterly to share experiences, perspectives, and discuss real world strategies for navigating the challenges of parenting in the context of a guided discussion. Attendance is free, but registration is required. Please see the library website for details --

Past books include:

  • The Gift of Failure by Jessica Lahey

  • UntangledGuiding Teenage Girls through the 7 Transitions into Adulthood by Lisa Damour

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